Steyn Dojo is a World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation (WSKF) affiliated Dojo, teaching and training under the guidance of the WSKF SA Chief Instructor Michael Dukas Sensei (8th Dan).

We are also affiliated to North West Karate and Karate South Africa (KSA), granting us access to WSKF and World Karate Federation (WKF) approved tournaments.


Our Dojo heads are Stephan and Zilla Steyn Senseis who took over the dojo from the late Reon du Plooy Sensei in 2014. Since then the dojo has grown in member numbers and now includes a large Adult class for adults who want to start their own karate journey. Stephan and Zilla Senseis have National and International competition experience and are passionate about sharing their competition experiences with their students.

Apart from their karate experience, both have professional qualifications (BPharm and LLB, respectively) enabling them to share other life skills with their students to develop them into the best possible versions of themselves.

We have a well-functioning instructor program where junior instructors are made part of the teaching structure, to not only give them teaching experience, but also to teach new students in smaller groups before making them part of the bigger class.


Stephan Steyn (4th Dan) – Dojo Head
BPharm, MSc (Pharmacology), PhD (Pharmacology)
WSKF B-rated referee
WSKF Technical board member
North West Assistant coach

Stephan has been practicing karate for more than 20 years and was graded to 4th Dan in 2016 by WSKF Chief Instructor, Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei (8th Dan).

Stephan has a specific appreciation for kihon and kata and was included in the Student National Team (USSA) who competed in Slovakia at the WKF University World Championships in 2012.

He is passionate about karate and hopes to teach his appreciation of karate to his students.



Zilla Steyn (4th Dan) – Dojo Head
WSKF C-rated referee
WSKF Technical board member
WSKF Legal advisor

Zilla has been practicing karate for more than 20 years and was graded to 4th Dan in 2016 by WSKF Chief Instructor, Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei.

Zilla was part of the North-West University Karate team for 5 years where she won and successfully defended her title as female kumite champion in various divisions.

Zilla was also part of the Top 3 females in her specific kumite division at KSA level and selected in the National University Team on numerous occasions.

Zilla is passionate about her karate and places her student’s feelings above everything else.



Brandon Shepherd (3rd Dan) – Senior Assistant Instructor
WSKF C-rated referee
WSKF Junior Kata Coach

Brandon received his 3rd Dan in 2017 from Mike Dukas Sensei. In 2017, Brandon was part of the senior National Team who competed in Mozambique at the WKF Zone 6 Championships and was also crowned the overall Karate Super League Male Open Champion.

Brandon is currently Chairperson and senior member of the NWU Karate Team and part of the Student National Team to represent RSA at the upcoming WKF University World Championships in Japan in 2018.

Brandon is an exciting, young talent with ample experience to share with our students.



Alexandra (Alex) Correia (2nd Dan) – Junior Assistant Instructor
WSKF D-rated referee
WKF qualified referee

Alex received her Nidan (2nd Dan) in 2018 from Mike Dukas Sensei (8th Dan), Chief Instructor of WSKF SA, and a full WSKF Shihankai examiner panel.  Alex received positive feedback on her overall performance at the grading with high expectations from the WSKF Shihankai for her future karate career. 

Alex is one of the most talented young karate females with a natural kumite talent perfectionism for kata and overall passion for karate.

She assists the senior instructors in the various age groups and is responsible for teaching new students the basics before joining the bigger class.



Gonçalo Correia (1st Dan) – Junior Assistant Instructor

Gonçalo was awarded his 1st Dan in 2017 by Mike Dukas Sensei.

He is a gentle, calm and patient karateka, who is responsible for teaching the karate basics to the students on the ‘kiddies’ syllabus in preparation for their Yellow belt grading.



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