It is compulsory for all karateka to always train in full karate uniform (gi).

Karateka must attend training session with a clean gi and a presentable appearance.
Karateka with long hair must see to it that it is tied back and in a neat condition.
No jewellery, including watches, are allowed on the Dojo floor during training sessions.
No shoes are allowed inside the Dojo. Shoes must be left outside the Dojo in an orderly manner.
When entering and leaving the Dojo, the karateka will rei as per proper karate etiquette.
All senior instructors will be addressed as Sensei and assistant instructors as Sempai.

No recordings of training sessions or gradings are allowed without the necessary prior consent.

All spectators in the Dojo will be quiet during training sessions and gradings, including switching cell phones to silent.
Class attendance of 80% shall be accepted as a prerequisite for all gradings.
No early or late gradings will take place. Please refer to our website for all grading dates.

All Dojo admin-related enquiries must be communicated to Zilla Sensei.

All training-related enquiries must be communicated to Stephan Sensei.


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