You have seen him in the Dojo and have probably been impressed by his athletic and karate abilities, but because you do not train in the same class, you have not had the opportunity to chat with and get to know more of Coenraad Sempai.

Since joining our Dojo and affiliating with WSKF, Coenraad (or Coenies to the seniors) has had a very positive influence. We look forward to the next couple of years that Coenraad will train with us and be part of our Dojo Kazoku.

Here are some interesting facts about Coenies.

Name and Surname: Coenraad Berrange
Karate grade (and year of grade): Shodan (received in July, 2013, so 5 years)
Age: 20 soon 21
Degree studying: B.Sc. Tourism with Geography and Zoology
Favourite kata: Gojushiho Sho
Favourite karate technique: Yoko-geri kekomi
Best Karate memory: Grading for my Shodan in Japan

Where do you see you karate career in five years?
In five years I see myself focusing more on the traditional side of karate and bettering that aspect of my karate. I would also like to still be competing and maybe also do some coaching by that time.

Why would you recommend karate as a life long sport/activity?
I would strongly recommend karate as a lifelong sport. Karate has played a massive role in my life, it is not just a sport, it is also a lifestyle. From a young age karate taught me discipline, etiquette, respect and so much more and karate helped me become the person I am today. I personally think karate is great for everyone, apart from the great physical benefits, being part of a Dojo is like having a second family, or for me it is a home away from home.



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